• We are located 2-blocks from the beautiful Galena River Trail.
  • You can peddle as much as you want to.
  • Electric bikes are great on hills.
  • Electric bikes have a 20+ mile range.
  • Push the throttle and go 20 MPH without peddling or turn the bike to a lower setting and peddle along with the motor.
  • 300lb weight limit

Electric Bike Rentals In Galena, IL

Our electric bike rentals have approximately a 20+ mile range and go 20 mph. If you peddle our electric rental bikes go further!

We recommend the M1 fat tire bike to most of our bike rental customers. It has a 4″ wide tire, is extremely stable and it is a very fun electric bike to ride.

Also, a very fun bike, the Trend, is more suitable for people under 5’4″ or people who may have difficulty getting over the higher center bar on the M1 fat tire electric bike.

Places To Ride Electric Fat Tire Bike Rentals In Galena

We recommend riding out to Chestnut Mountain down The Galena River Trail. Alternatively, ride your bike rental to the Galena Cellar Vineyard or touring around historic downtown Galena. The Galena River Trail is only a couple of blocks from Nuts Outdoors and you can make it to the trailhead without having to ride your rental bike on the road.

Do You Need Reservations For The Electric Bike Rentals?

We do not require reservations for our electric bike rentals. But, it is highly recommended that if you have a group of people, you should make reservations. We try to accommodate walk-ins and you are encouraged to call 815-238-0023 to see if we have any last minute availability.